Monday, 27 April 2009

LEGO, Bumble and Le Crunch

Well, Bumble has been a little tardy in keeping up with the Blog of late, but, as the saying goes, I've been as busy as a bee!

Anyway, enough of the excuses...what's been happening in the world of toys?

The credit crunch [Bumble doesn't like that term at all], is biting ever deeper, if you listen to the 24 hour rolling TV news, though Hasbro was one of the bigger Toy manufacturers to post disapponting news with a profit drop of 47 per cent for the first quarter of 2009. At least they're still making a profit, though!

Whatever next? Before you know it, Poundland will be taking on all the old Woolworths stores and the high street will just throb to the sound of rushing feet and the "Ching Ching" of tills...just what it needs ;)

I notice too that Lego has teamed up with the enemy, Toys R Us [only kidding!], to create a new initiative for its City range.

A senior brand manager for Lego City was reported as saying that they were delighted to work in co-operation with you know who in order to further involve children and parents with the City brand on a global scale. Well what about the small guys? I reckon you should stick with the small guys whilst there are still small guys to stick with! Plus if it's Lego you want, well come and see what's available at Bumble where there's the age defying Lego Star Wars, a personal favourite of Bumbles!

As well as Star Wars Lego, there's Indiana Jones and Duplo for the really small people too!

Bumble had lots of LEGO as a young bee and would encourage one and all to continue collecting and building with those lovely little bricks!

So whilst you're off to put together the gazillion pieces of the LEGO Star Wars Republic Attack Gunship, Bumble's off for a cup of tea and a honey sandwich!

Buzzzz for now


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