Friday, 13 March 2009

Bee's don't Blog

Hi, I'm Bumble.

So in fact I have contradicted myself immediately in as much as Bee's do Blog. Well they do now!

But what is there to Blog about? Well, I guess I could rattle on about honey, hives, stinging...ooops, we don't do that! But no, I'm going to introduce my friends...gradually. I say gradually because some of them are still being created, just like I was back in 2002. Crikey, I'm 7 years old next month!

One of my best friends is Boo. He's a scarecrow, but not particularly scary. In fact not scary at all.

What is scary, however, is the state of the economy. So what the heck does a bee know about money markets and this apparent global downturn? Well a surprising amount...for a bee!

I know that some people are struggling generally and many are even losing their jobs, but I also know that there are people better off with lower mortgages, lower fuel costs, plus better deals at every turn or click of the keyboard.

At home in the toy trade, my particular specialty, I read that even that darling of the London high street, Hamleys, has hit hard times with it's owners filing for bankruptcy and unable to restructure the firms $1.3 billion debts. On the other hand, another popular name in wooden toys who have been around since 1884, BRIO, has steadied the ship with a share issue after a bit of a cash crisis...well we all know about that now don't we?!

On a lighter note, I see Sir Alan Sugar invited a selection of MDs to assist him in judging the celebrity teams' toy inventions on this weeks "The Apprentice does Comic Relief". I hope they raised a pile of cash, but I must say I remain a bit miffed that I wasn't invited...

Until next time, friends, happy playing and eat lots of's good for you!