Thursday, 30 April 2009

Bumble Bees Can't Fly in the Rain

Not a lot of people know that, or perhaps that's a fallacy, whatever that is...

Anyway, it's been a[nother] wet and cold day in Bonny bloody Scotland, but never mind Winter's nearly here.

Been quite headachy today; it's probably this rotten weather as bees are sensitive to changes in barometric pressure [okay, I made that one up]...unless, of course, it's you know what?! In fact it's probably just wearing this mask all day that's caused it.

So in amongst all that and my phone dying, just to complicate matters further, the toy world has been positively rocked to it's knees by the horrific news that the owners of Argos, Home Retail, posted a 24 per cent drop in full-year profit in its latest results! Just how they're going to scrape by on profits before tax of a measly £328 million last year, I'll simply never know. They must be besides themselves the poor things.

On a brighter note, the once rock soild [ish] UK car industry seems to have turned the corner with the news of car sales out today, though this best seller may suit a bumble bee more than real people who may possess more "normal" human dimensions...

Green shoots everywhere, people!



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