Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Old stuff

It's official...I'm getting old.

Well, we all are, by the second in fact. But sometimes it just hits you...the realisation, that is!

Anyway, don't try sticking anything down with Yoohoo...it just doesn't work. I think if you actually use UHU you'll get a better effect, if it's sticking stuff down that your trying to achieve. Yoohoos, meantime, are great for collecting and cuddling...but not for sticking stuff. Though I guess you could put a Yoohoo on the thing you're trying to stick? Not ideal though.

But there you are you see. I'm showing my age becasue I thought UHU was a glue and now it's gone and got a load of friends...Yoohoo and Friends!

They'll be after Swarfega next.

I'm getting old.


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