Friday, 15 May 2009

A Biblical Fuss Over Toys

Thought for the day; what a diverse and interesting world we live in...sometimes.

Occasionally, however, one is left scratching one's antennae at what horrifies some folk of this world.

Now let's take Playmobil toys for example. Those pie faced, smiley little characters have been filling toy boxes the world over for around 32 years and have become one of the most successful toy brands in the world.

Recently, though, they have offended...or at least their use has been interpreted as offensive by the ├╝ber toy maker! Despite backing from the Pope, Father Markus Bomhard has been ordered to scrap his Playmobil Children's Bible Plan which incorporated scenes from the Bible using Playmobil figures.

His award winning plan, hatched some 3 years ago, was lauded by Church groups and German-born Pope Benedict XVI even congratulated the priest, writing last November: "May your project make the Holy Bible more approachable for many children as well as adults and grown-ups".

Perhaps rather than be horrified that the "scenes could offend people of other religions", Playmobil should have got on board if for no other reason than the terrific marketing opportunity it represented.

Now they have that anyway...only in the negative.

Boo hiss


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